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There are vast amounts of health information available these days and it’s difficult to keep up with all of the latest research and understand how to implement it on a daily basis. Fitter 365 offers health coaching all year round, taking complex scientific principles and demonstrating how to apply them practically with meal plans, training programmes and simple cheat sheets. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! You can also refine, adapt and progress your Fitter Food journey with the professional support of the Fitter Food team and our expert webinars, where all your burning questions will be answered each month.

Fitter 365 is a thriving space to hang out all year round with a cool community of like-minded, awesome individuals on a mission to be FITTER than they’ve ever been. Health is about who you hang with after all and we’re all hanging out here

Of course, health and fat loss is a lifelong journey; you will come across barriers, fall off the wagon and need to revisit the drawing board. Furthermore, your body and health evolves and you need to adapt your nutrition, training and lifestyle to continue to support your goals. It’s no revelation that the most successful people in life draw upon ongoing coaching and mentoring from experts to ensure they stay on track and have some accountability, support and direction to achieve the things they wish to in life. Also at Fitter 365 we firmly believe that knowledge is power and the more you can learn and understand about your body the more you can take control of your health and support friends and family to do the same. Fitter 365 is a hub of eternal students who never stop learning and growing.

Not at all, we believe there are pillars to health beyond nutrition and exercise. In fact sleep and stress management are just two of the key lifestyle habits that we encourage everyone to prioritise in order to get their desired results. However we know life gets in the way and it’s not easy to juggle all these different aspects of health, so we offer simple tools, techniques and strategies along with inspirational experts to allow you to revisit your lifestyle and ensure it works for and not against your health goals.

Transforming your nutrition to Fitter Food is a fantastic foundation for health and fat loss, however, years of experience has taught us we are all unique little snowflakes and often require a little extra help regarding calorie intake, macronutrient ratios and elimination diets to fully succeed and find our own individual version of Fitter Food. We provide webinars, cheat sheets and special meal plans to help you make your Fitter Food journey low carb, high carb, autoimmune, more paleo, less paleo, whatever version you’re looking for we have it on a plate, literally!

Fitter food is founded on anti-inflammatory, low toxin, nutrient dense food, which is the essential basis for any weight loss programme. However, we also show you how to complement this with effective exercise and lifestyle habits like super quick cooking skills, healthy sleep routines and daily stress management. Most importantly unlike most diets we make the experience fun, enjoyable, rewarding and sustainable. Fat loss has never been this easy or tasted so good!

We refer to ourselves as ‘paleo-ish’ as we use the concept of paleo as a foundation for nutrition – simply because it involves limiting processed and refined foods and encourages the consumption of the most nutritious modern day foods. We also understand the importance of a sustainable approach to nutrition and guide you through the slightly more complex process of incorporating non-paleo foods into your nutrition on a regular basis without compromising results.

Fitter 365 is perfect for anyone starting out on their health journey. We have meal plans varying from 7-30 days if you wish to start small and just dip your toe in the water or jump right into a 30day fat loss challenge. The expert Fitter Food team is on hand with bundles of cheat sheets, quick workouts and cooking videos to make your transition to Fitter Food easy and effortless, not to mention you’ll benefit from joining hundreds of people on a similar journey who have been in your shoes and have plenty of tips and advice to offer. The banter and friendship of the fitter food community makes the whole experience totally awesome.

No problem at all, there is no ongoing commitment at all and you can cancel your membership at any point. Please note: you will no longer have access to Fitter 365 content from the date you cancel your subscription.

Of course just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll respond within 48 hours.

Fitter 365: Terms and Conditions of Membership

Your membership fee will be taken in full when you sign up – if you have a monthly membership that's £9.99 per month, if a 6 monthly membership that's £49 every 6 months and if a 12 monthly membership that's £89 annually.

Once signed up existing fees cannot be refunded though membership can be cancelled easily at any time (please ensure this is at least 24hours before the next payment installment is due) by emailing [email protected] or filling in the 'cancel my account' form from your account online. Your membership access will remain active until the end of your current billing period.